Eligibility/ Divisions


        1.  There are  Two divisions/Ten Categories and How are the divisions determined?

Your age as of January 1, 2019 will determined what category and division you will be placed in.

(For Example age 8 yrs. old, Junior division/Jr. Pre-Teen   category.) and (18 yrs. old/Senior div., Teen category


           2. What are your divisions?

Miss California Empire USA divisions are determined as follows:

                                 A.  Senior Division

                                   16 yrs. to 49 yrs.

Teen (16-18)

Miss (19-25)

Ms. (19-25) single/w child/divorce

Mrs. (21+) must be at least 6 months  married

Mrs. Elite (50+yrs)

                              B. Plus Size Divisions:(must wear size 14 or more for this division).

Miss (19-25)

Teen (16-18)

                              C. Junior Division

                                   6 yrs. to 15 yrs.

Jr.Teen (13-15)

PreTeen (10-12)

Jr. PreTeen (8-9)

Little Miss (6-7)

                     3.There are 5 phases of Competitions:

                         What are the phases of competition? 

      1.Personal Interview with a panel of judges (3-5 min)

      2.Introduction: On stage 25 second Introduction



      5.Onstage questions

   Extra points: It’s a Bling Thing Run Way- Your own creation

*** Princess Program has own scoring for state competition.****


                         D. Mandatory Rehearsal/Boot Camp


       15.There will be Mandatory rehearsals and Mandatory Boot Camp before the pageant weekend, to ensure each contestant knows what to expect during pageant weekend.


Boot camp will in April 2020-Date to be announced. There will be a fee for attending boot camp at host hotel.

We will go over pageant weekend at that time. also at boot camp, you will be given the following:

  1. Opening number

  2. Fitness outfit

  3. Accessories

  4. Program Book

  5. Crown

  6. Sash

  7. T-shirt

  8. banquet attire-?


***All rehearsals are closed to family and friends, unless contestant has a medical excuse with a Doctor note. (no exception)


Miss California Empire will give all pageant rehearsal attire. All contestant must wear rehearsal that is given to them by staff, if you show up in other attire, points will be taken off, this is a pageant weekend let’s all have fun and follow directions. There will be photography all of pageant weekend.


                                   Use of Cell Phones


       Can we have our cell phones at rehearsal? 

An) Yes. However, they are only to be used at designated times. This is your weekend to meet new girls, have fun, and prepare for the pageant. Phone use during rehearsal time is disrespectful to the staff working with you.


       Can we take pictures during rehearsal and backstage at the pageant? 

We encourage you to document your weekend at post to your social media sites, at designated times. No photos are to be taken inside the dressing rooms, as we want to keep the privacy of all the girls who may be changing.



        Will there be chaperones?

 There will be multiple staff members chaperoning the contestants during the weekend. Contestants must let staff know where they are going and communicate with respect.

        What is a chaperone?

A chaperone is a person who accompanies and looks after another person or group of people during pageant weekend. Only Chaperones are allowed backstage and rehearsals and​ All other information will be given at Boot camp.