Eligibility/ Divisions


  We have Two divisions/Ten Categories and How are the divisions determined?

Your age as of January 1, 2020 will determined what category and division you will be placed in.

(For Example age 8 yrs. old, Junior division/Jr. Pre-Teen   category.) and (18 yrs. old/Senior div., Teen category



                                                 Senior Division

                                                  16 yrs. to 49 yrs.

Teen 16-18 yrs

Miss 19-24 yrs

Ms.21+(single w/child, divorce

Mrs.25-49 yrs

Mrs. Elite 50+

                                                Junior Division

                                                 6 yrs. to 15 yrs.

Jr. Teen 13-15 yrs

Pre-Teen 10-12 yrs

Jr. Pre-Teen 8-9 yrs

Lil’ Mis 6-7yrs