Miss California Empire USA Pageants Organization Committed :

A. Education and Community Service in local communities.

B.  Provide a fair environment in which young ladies have the opportunity to grow as community leaders

C. Refine themselves through stronger self-confidence with creating an individual pride and social awareness.

Delegate will be learning the following skills in the Miss California Regional State Pageant.

I. Presentation Skills:

                                                      A. Communication:

  1. Delegate will develop skills to interact with others, speak to a crowd, think on your feet   and excel in an interview.

  2. Delegate will learn how to become a spokes model which involves developing an attitude of respect, kindness, sincerity, positivity, and confidence, as well as overcoming fears of speaking.

                                                      B. Appearance:

  1. Delegate will develop skills in appearance.This includes wardrobe selection, hair, and makeup that conveys professionalism, and personality.

  2. Delegate will be given pageant wardrobe items.

                                                     C. Movement: Poise and Walking

  1. Delegate will learn the difference between every day walking, modeling walking, and pageant walking.

  2. Delegate will learn too perfect poise in pageant walking.

                                                    II. Interview Skills:

 A. Delegate will develop skills for face to face interviews at the pageant. This involves being professional, kind, sincere, and having a fun and positive attitude.

B. Delegate will learn to be able to interact with judges at the pageant, think on your feet, and excel in an interview.

C. Delegate will learn to be knowledgeable of current events and be able to answer questions on the spot with intelligent and well thought out answers.

                                                   III. Platform Skills:

A. Delegate will learn to develop a cause that supports society and fits the student.

B. Delegate will learn how to speak to a crowd and share this cause with others.

                                                   IV. Professional Photos Skills:

A. Delegate will learn professional photo shoot skills and obtain personal professional photos.

V. Dance Skills

A. Delegate will learn dance performance skills.

B. Delegate will learn to prepare for the final group dance performance at the California State Pageant.

                                                    VI. Community Service Skills

A. Delegate will learn how to choose a community service that fits the student’s personality and platform.

B. Delegate will learn how to perform well in community service endeavors.