2021- Appointed State Title

                                      2 Divisions/9 age groups

                                             Senior Division

                                                     Mrs.Elite-50 yrs. to 65 yrs.

                                                         Mrs. 21 yrs. to 49 yrs.

                                                         Ms.  21 yrs.  to 49 yrs.

                                                         Miss. 19 yrs. to 29 yrs.

                                                         Teen  16 yrs. to 18 yrs. 

                                                             Jr. Divisions

                                                     Jr.Teen 13 yrs. to 15 yrs.

                                                  Pre-Teen 10 yrs. to 12 yrs. 

                                                  Jr. Pre-Teen 8 yrs. to 9 yrs.

                                                   Lil Miss 6 yrs. to 7 yrs.


                                 Non-refundable registration $50.00

Package A

Appointed State : $ 295.00


1.Sash includes rhinestone sash (2 row front only)

2.Rhinestone crown

3.Bling State jacket

4.Bling T-shirt

Package B- Not Mandatory

                                          $695.00- Deadline March 31, 2019


We would love for our out of state guest to come to the Miss California Empire State pageant and be apart of the Miss California Empire State weekend extravaganza July 3-5 2020 - this is a special package for a out of town State delegate guest.


1.Sash includes rhinestone sash (front only)

2.Rhinestone crown

3.Bling State jacket

4.Bling T-shirt   

5. California Empire USA -Opening number

6. Involve in full state weekend- Out of State New Titleholders will be crowned on stage for the new 2020/2021 year.

Our guest will be apart of our 2020 State weekend 

California Style -Just a plane ticket away!

A. Opening Number

B. Banquet Ball

C. Welcome reception

D. Crowning


 Hotel-(1 night only)(will share room)

Welcome Reception Party-July 3.2020

Banquet-July 4, 2020 ( Theme "Prom Night")

Attending all competition events July 3- July 5

Opening Number- Out of State will have same opening number, just different color

of opening number.

                      National weekend -FULL PACKAGE $950.00

Division I & Division II will receive this exciting weekend package.

National  Entry Fee includes-all 5 areas of required State  Competition:

1. 2 Opening Number outfits

2. 1 special gown

3. Accessories

4. Crown

5. Sash

6. 1 copy of program book

7. Fitness outfit  

8.Ad Page Design,Program book (up to 3 pictures)

9. Banquet

10. Welcome Reception,

11. State Outing

12. State T-shirt

13. Bling Jacket

14. Swag bag